Sunday, February 8, 2015


Got a metallic gold gel pen 'cuz I wanted to try it to depict how Minerva in OtR might visually manifest the extra-dimensional power she gains. Also I've been thinking about the interesting flattening effect that shiny gold paint has in Klimt's paintings, kind of punching a hole in the picture plane.

pen, markers, and gold gel ink on marker paper

Now, I'm not smart enough to toy with the representational/graphic dichotomy like Klimt without hurting myself. But I wondered whether that effect might work well to show how the energy is in Minnie's body but not really of this dimension.


pencils -> ink -> quick color studies

(Edit 8/10/15: I think this plot element is gonna be dropped. Going from overt scifi to a more real-world thriller kind of thing. Dang, it looked cool.)